Words weave the narrative. Words inspire action. Words provoke thought. Words stimulate debate. Words explain, empower and enrage. Words can also comfort.

Web writing services are not all created equal. Writing is a skilled trade, and like a blacksmith, a true wordsmith forges his creation with fiery precision.

When hiring someone to craft your web content hire a professional writer. Universal accessibility is the greatest single attribute of the Internet. Anyone, anywhere, can post anything, anytime. That makes the Internet an infinite resource of content. Poorly written, grammatically incorrect and often incomprehensible content. When that content is found on the website you use to market your business, you lose credibility with potential customers. When it’s wordy, awkward, convoluted and unclear, you lose more than credibility — you lose the interest of consumers with precious little time to waste muddling through your poorly written web pages.

Your website is your visual introduction to inquisitive consumers, so make a great first impression. Raise the bar on the content you use to represent your products and services by emailing with the subject line, HELP US! Listed in our full menu of integrated services you’ll find SEO Content Services (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of optimizing a website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engines through organic search results. Successful SEO involves research into your products and services to identify critical keywords and phrases to use to target potential customers. Website content should then be customized by integrating those keywords.

DeROCCO INTEGRATED MEDIA specializes in professionally written web content development and meticulous editing services to bring your text-rich website content up to top quality journalistic standards. Written with full CP Style compliance (Canadian Press) and integrating SEO keyword strategies, your website content will more accurately reflect the commitment to excellence you bring to your core products and services. Whether you need a simple website analysis to identify and correct simple grammar and spelling errors, or a full content redevelopment strategy, DeROCCO INTEGRATED MEDIA delivers.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Increased online presence and visibility across search engines

  • Your website will appear first in search engine rankings


Martin Barre: Taking Roads Less Travelled

Martin Barre: Taking Roads Less Travelled

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