In a global economy, where technology is rendering many traditional careers obsolete, you’ve made a bold decision to train in the culinary arts. After all, there are not too many computers working as chefs now are there?  The first smart choice you made was enrolling in a diploma program at Liaison College (  The next choice you make is equally as important: what career path should you follow to secure your future in the booming hospitality industry?

Liaison College can offer you training in everything from basic cook skills to full-fledged Chef De Cuisine ( certification programs. Such official designations, however, don’t automatically earn you your own Five Star restaurant. The fact is you still have to choose where and how you want to apply your skills. You can make the mistake made by many students who enter college with a limited vision of where their Liaison training can take them, focusing all your career hopes on climbing the corporate ladders in franchise-style restaurants. However, with your training comes a profound awareness of the many diverse options available to you.

For example, you could aim high by targeting a career as an “Executive Chef,” serving as the department head of a restaurant chain, resort, hotel or food service establishment. As a Chef De Cuisine you could target a single establishment and be the person in charge of all culinary operations. Serving as a Sous Chef, you would apply your skills managing a single area of the kitchen, possibly serving as second in command to the Chef De Cuisine or Executive Chef.

Specialization is also an option. You could become a pastry chef in a restaurant or large scale bakery. You can go independent and open your own catering company, work as a private chef-for-hire, a Personal Chef preparing meals in client kitchens, a culinary administrator in a foodservice operation or even a food writer, chronicling food history, writing reviews or even cookbooks.

There’s an infinite menu of career choices in hospitality when you call Liaison College at (519) 743-8335.

by David DeRocco