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Ten Things to Know About Pizza

When you’re a pizza aficionado in the Kingston area then you should already know all about Bubba’s Poutine and Pizzeria ( Bubba’s reputation for its in house homemade pizza sauce and dough recipe has made it a favourite of pizza lovers...

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Windtek Windows Shine

In our efforts to ensure we all do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle, we sometimes forget a simple truth: it’s also okay to buy things that are manufactured using only 100 percent new materials. That is one of the selling features of the products manufactured and...

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Custom Windows – The Right Fit

The term “one size fits all” is a cookie cutter approach to design. That may be a fine approach if the product you’re making is ladies hosiery, but it is a near impossibility to manufacturer quality windows using a “one size fits all” mentality. No one knows that more...

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Pizza Sauce Pros – Bubba’s

Modern pizza lovers are an adventurous bunch, going to great lengths to add variety to their lists of preferred toppings. For example, amongst India’s Top 10 favourite pizza toppings you’ll find a trilogy of unconventional tastes that includes ginger, minced mutton...

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DIY Catering – Liaison College

There’s a buffet of opportunity waiting for you when you graduate from Kitchener’s Liaison College ( A full 94% of graduates find work in the culinary field. Making a choice of where to apply your skills is often the hardest decision....

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Liaison College – Culinary Careers

In a global economy, where technology is rendering many traditional careers obsolete, you’ve made a bold decision to train in the culinary arts. After all, there are not too many computers working as chefs now are there?  The first smart choice you made was enrolling...

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Jay Leno: Still A Stand Up Guy

By David DeRocco“I’m always happy to talk to the enemy, Canada,” laughs legendary late night host and comedian, Jay Leno, acknowledging the fact he’s being interviewed by a citizen from a rogue nation at war with his president. “It’s hilarious. It’s either...

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