Words weave the narrative. Words inspire action. Words provoke thought. Words stimulate debate. Words explain, empower and enrage. Words can also comfort.

BILLY TALENT: Reaching New Heights

By David DeRocco  With no disrespect intended to any group of musicians who have, through the consequence of recent events related to their lead singer, been branded as “Canada’s band,”  I present to you a set of empirical facts for your consideration. Since the...

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Tim Hicks: Giving Canadian Country the Shakes

By David DeRocco  When you hail from Niagara, you know that September is time for the harvest. So it makes sense that a country star like Tim Hicks would pick September to harvest the crop of songs he’d been tending too during five months of intensive writing and...

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TPOH’s Moe Berg: Finding Happiness

By David DeRocco As an insightful young songwriter, Moe Berg managed – in one perfectly crafted song – to  capture the inherent frustrations and stark realities involved in accepting the responsibilities of adulthood.  Now, as he sits halfway through his life as a...

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The Trews: Homeward Bound

By David DeRocco Colin MacDonald probably wasn’t thinking about his music when he originally sat down with his bandmates in THE TREWS to write the single “Man of Two Minds” for their 2008 album No Time For Later. Yet 14 years and five albums into their amazing career,...

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