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Freelance writing. Written word content. Professional crafting of your written message. That is the core service I provide to your business, and the skill I provide no computer can replace. Freelance writing is a skilled trade — and like a blacksmith, a true wordsmith forges his creation with fiery precision. Visual images may travel the speed of light to immediately impact what people are thinking and talking about — but words are the building blocks that provide the context, weave the narrative, inspire action, provoke thought, stimulate debate, enrage emotions and empower people to act. Ultimately, when wielded by a skilled craftsman, words have the capacity to generate results. You need someone to put something into words to tell your story. Hire a professional freelance writer — call DeRocco Integrated Media today.

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Having a professional freelance writer develop your web content is a smart idea. The quality of  your web content is more critical than ever; it has to be engaging, informative, compelling and easy to read. Anyone, anywhere, can post anything, any time. That makes the Internet an infinite source of content — poorly written, grammatically incorrect, amateurish content. Don’t fall into the trap of spending big money on web design and then leaving your written content to anyone willing to write it. All freelancers are not created equal. Hire a professional freelance writer. Call DeRocco Integrated Media.

Freelance writing services.

Advertising copywriting. Marketing collateral development. Feature writing. Print and broadcast media writing. Hire a freelance writer with an extensive track record writing for all media platforms. Don’t lose credibility with potential customers with poorly written website content and bland marketing collaterals. When your content is wordy, awkward, convoluted and unclear, you lose more than credibility — you lose the interest of consumers with precious little time to waste muddling through your poorly written content. Hire a professional writer. Call DeRocco Integrated Media.

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Below find a selection of articles, research pieces, feature writing,
marketing and advertising collaterals developed for clients.

Martin Barre: Taking Roads Less Travelled

BY DAVID DeROCCO  It’s a funny thing. You won’t find his name on the list of Top 100 Guitarists compiled by such supposedly learned rock mags as Rolling Stone, Spin or Kerrang!. Nor will you find it on similar lists assembled by musician trade mags like Guitar World...

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Jay Leno: Still A Stand Up Guy

By David DeRocco“I’m always happy to talk to the enemy, Canada,” laughs legendary late night host and comedian, Jay Leno, acknowledging the fact he’s being interviewed by a citizen from a rogue nation at war with his president. “It’s hilarious. It’s either...

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Hank Thorn – SIU Expert

By David DeRocco For a guy who has earned a living being meticulously slow and methodical in the execution of his departmental duties, forensic investigator Hank Thorne could be on record as having experienced the shortest retirement in Hamilton Police Services...

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By David DeRocco                  Determining the true human cost of war is not as simple as totalling the number of military and civilian lives lost in the conflict. Returning soldiers – and in truth, all active military personnel fortunate enough to make it home –...

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BILLY TALENT: Reaching New Heights

By David DeRocco  With no disrespect intended to any group of musicians who have, through the consequence of recent events related to their lead singer, been branded as “Canada’s band,”  I present to you a set of empirical facts for your consideration. Since the...

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Tim Hicks: Giving Canadian Country the Shakes

By David DeRocco  When you hail from Niagara, you know that September is time for the harvest. So it makes sense that a country star like Tim Hicks would pick September to harvest the crop of songs he’d been tending too during five months of intensive writing and...

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TPOH’s Moe Berg: Finding Happiness

By David DeRocco As an insightful young songwriter, Moe Berg managed – in one perfectly crafted song – to  capture the inherent frustrations and stark realities involved in accepting the responsibilities of adulthood.  Now, as he sits halfway through his life as a...

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The Trews: Homeward Bound

By David DeRocco Colin MacDonald probably wasn’t thinking about his music when he originally sat down with his bandmates in THE TREWS to write the single “Man of Two Minds” for their 2008 album No Time For Later. Yet 14 years and five albums into their amazing career,...

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Taylor Dayne: Beauty and the Beat

By David DeRocco The late 80s and early 90s were a breeding ground for big, mega-selling, larger than life female recording artists who ruled the charts in multiple genres. Madonna, Janet, Whitney, Celine, Mariah, Britney, Alanis and Shania are all names quickly...

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Tim Hicks: Homegrown Country Comes Back Home

By David DeRocco At the time of our conversation, Tim Hicks and his band are rolling toward Vancouver, three weeks into a rollicking road trip dubbed the “Get A Little Crazy Tour 2015.” Does the “crazy” in the tour name reflect the fact this Canadian country music...

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Great Canadian Campout – CWF & Johnny Reid

CLIENT:   Canadian Wildlife Federation                                                                                                                                                                                WRITTEN BY: David DeRocco PSA:          GREAT CANADIAN...

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Six Degrees of Paul Rodgers

By David DeRocco Paul Rodgers is one highly connected rock superstar. Not in the stereotypical “Sopranos” kind of connection, although he might very well be. More in the “six degrees of separation” kind of way, with Rodgers at the centre of an inspired universe you...

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